Revealing my heart for you

I’ve been wanting to share what’s in my heart but you seem to be preoccupied with things.

I wanted you to know that I love you and this is not the love that only loves you back when you’ve done something for me although that gives a smile on my face, however, I love you because you are mine. You may think that I stop loving you when I don’t get anything out of our relationship but that’s not true, even if you just sit and do your things I already love you. It may be a lot to take, don’t worry we’ll have the time when I explain everything to you.

When you’re with me, I just want you to receive my love and be satisfied with it. I desire that you know me and my heart because it won’t just give you a better day but a better life. I already know what’s going on with your life but it gives me great joy when you start talking to me about stuff even if those were just “petty” stuff. I don’t want to make things difficult for you, I don’t want to interfere, i just want to be involved in your life. They say I’m jealous and I tell you that I am but let me explain what it’s all about. I want you to be in different relationships. You need those. You’ll grow with different people but I tell you that I can give you the best. What you have right now are examples of the expression of my love for you. I give you things even if you haven’t asked of it and I’m happy when I give stuff to you because it’s either you need it or you want it. I hope you don’t put me on the same level as others. I don’t seek to be the only one but I seek to be on top. When we’re together, I want to pour my heart to you and tell you how much I love you. I just want you to receive it, that’s it although lately I feel like you’re putting me on a checklist, I’m just one of your activities, it saddens me because there’s so much more that you’re missing out. I want to hug you tight because that’s how you understand my love. A hug back is not something that I expect from you but when you do, i am filled with joy. They can give you gifts but nothing can compare to the gift I gave you. I was thinking of you the whole time.

My desire is for you to be the woman that I want you to be. I have big dreams for you and I’m rooting for you each step that you make towards the goal. Don’t give up.

Oh and I love celebrating occasions especially your birthday. I’m already cooking something up even if it’s months away.

I know you. I know when you laugh or when you cry. They may fail you but I won’t.

I’m just here. I love you very much Gayle.



Love Came Down

You loved me at my worst.

You pursued me when  I wasn’t even looking.

You in your perfect being became sin for me.

You didn’t wait till I responded perfectly before you showed your love for me.

Even in my conversion, You were still the one who caused my surrender and give my life to You.

You didn’t think twice of dying for me even if I am undeserving.

I’ve learned the real meaning of grace at the cross and I’m still learning it.

You paved the way for the restoration of my relationship to the Father and it didn’t stop there.

In my walk with you, You never failed. There may be times when I don’t understand what You’re doing but I can trust You.

You lavish me with Your love that leads me to repentance everyday.

You change me everyday for me to be more like You. Sometimes, it hurts when You’re pruning me but it reminds me that You are very personal and hands-on.

You have great plans for me and it’s not just for the life that I am to live on earth but transcending in eternity.

Thank You Jesus!

May You become greater; I must become less. – John 3:30